Swimming Pool / Diving pool

Swimming pool (25m20m)Depth1.3m1.5m

Diving Pool (Depth 5m)

Locker room / Shower room / toilet

Air Supply
Steel 10L

Enriched Air Supply EAN2236
Steel 10L
alminium 6L40cf

Swimming pool: 620 yen (adult), 310 yen (under 12years old)
Diving pool: *3100 yen for 5hours, 890yen per hour after 5hours
Cylinder : 450 yen(air), 1100 yen (nitrox)

*3100 yen if you register as a freelance instructor, 3500 yen if you are a non-instructor diver.

One instructor is free of charge, if you have 1-3students
Two instructors(Dive Master is included)are free of charge, if you have 4-6students
Three instructors are free of charge, if you have 7-9students.

Please do not bring your own tanks.

Please email us if you have any questions.

7-10-27oyama ginowan-city Okinawa

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